ANTARA is a wearable device for tracking social distancing between employees in factories, offices and public facilities. It sends real-time local alerts and records information on a server for reporting and contact tracing. This end-to-end IoT solution is designed for safety & security of people working in indoor commercial facilities in the post-Covid world.

ANTARA uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), sensors and other technologies. Technosphere’s Gateway (ANTARAGA) complements Antara to send the information to server for Contact Tracing.

  • For social distancing alert and contact tracing and Evacuation
  • Haptic and LED alert
  • Create a log of other wearable : ID , duration and distance of contact, Location
  • Uploading the data to a cloud server through BLE gateway or a Mobile Phone
  • Optional Temperature sensor to measure Body Temperature
  • Location sensing feature for Hazardous area
  • BLE Controller for Distance sensing & upload logs
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Circuit
  • Device is a wearable to be worn on the wrist of the person to be monitored
  • Device communicates with other wearables and the Gateways via BLE
  • Maximum number of log items - 50
  • Ability to configure the distance for sensing Social Distancing violation
  • LED indication for Low Battery
  • Device will monitors the following parameters
    • Frequency of monitoring – once every second
    • Proximity of other Wearable of same type within the configured range
      • If violation, then Turn on the Haptic Feedback for 3 seconds
    • Battery Life
      • If battery voltage is low, sends different Haptic Feedback (eg: 1 second duration) – frequency to be every 5 minutes
  • Device will send to Server through Gateway or Phone application
    • Time Stamp when distance was violated
    • Device ID which was near the wearable
    • Battery Level


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Distance using BLE RSSI, Temperature


BLE 4.x

Product size (without straps)

50mm dia, 13mm thick


3.7V, Li-Poly, 350 mAH

Battery life expectancy

48 hours

Battery charging time

3 hours, USB charging


ERM Vibration Motor, 3V

Low Battery Indication

LED Indication

Operating conditions

0 to 40 DegC, 10-90% RH



  Communication with sensors


 Communication with Server


  Product size 



  Power LED,  Wifi Activity, Battery low

  Power Input

  12-17V DC input, 2A

  Battery  (Backup)

  7.4V, Li-Ion, 2.6AH

  Battery life Run-time

  8 Hours

  Battery charging time to full charge 

  5 hours 


  Wall-mount with Flange

In-Depth Understanding of IoT Ecosystem

  • Technosphere has lived through the evolution of IoT right from 2009 and provided solutions from Concept through Certifications to mass manufature
  • Various solutions for Industrial, Energy, Retail, Home and Enterprise has been implemented successfully by Technosphere.

WhizBlox, an Industrial Grade IOT Hub

  • Robust for deployment and can be optimized for various use cases, with different sensors and wireless technologies, keeping it modular

Very Relevant and Extensive Experience

  • Industry Safety Wearable
  • Commercial Wearable
  • BLE, 4G, GPS wireless technologies
  • Miniature components, design for manufacture, testability and Value Engineering
  • Knowledge and handson experience in full product life-cycle upto mass production


  • Complex Multi-layer PCBs
  • Miniature components – BGA, Flip Chip, 0201 discrete
  • High Speed Design
  • Flex and Flex Rigid PCBs, Analog – Audio, ADC, DAC
  • RF : Chip level , PCB antenna
  • 8/16/32 bit Controllers and Processors
    • Microchip (PIC) / 8051 / Atmel (AVR),TI (MSP430)
    • ST Micro : STM32
    • ARM uP : TI (AM335x), Freescale : Kinetis
    • MIPS uP


  • Bare metal Coding
  • RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems)
  • Embedded Linux
  • Device Drivers
  • Board Support Packages
  • Diagnostics Tools


  • FCC / CE
  • EIRP, Radiation testing
  • Global RF Power
  • Calibration validation

Relationship with several Test Laboratories

  • UL
  • TUV
  • ETDC


  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Infrared / UV
  • Contact Image Sensors
  • Gas Sensors
  • Vibration sensors and many more…


  • Display Units
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Thermal Printers
  • Motor Control and more…

Business Challenge: Need of a workplace safety wearable which can keep track of workers health key vitals, provide real time critical health data and reduce workplace accidents.

Solution Features:

  • BLE
  • LoRa

Solution Offered:

  • Monitors critical health vitals as body temperature, heart rate etc
  • Real time critical health data
  • Real time Location Sensing
  • Enhances worker safety
  • Provides real time alerts
  • Prevents workplace accidents