Our Expertise

At each stage of product design and development, the key requirements are validated – Performance, Power, Area, Cost, Availability and the ability to manufacture. Detailed reviews are carried out before moving to the next stage.

Technosphere provides product design and engineering services and end to end IOT solutions. We help build smart IOT products and IOT solutions for various industries, with multiple sensors and embedded design technologies. Our focus areas are Industrial IOT solutions, smart city solutions, enterprise IOT solutions, wearable design, wireless communication technologies and connected IOT devices.

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We execute projects from concept to mass-production, including Architecture, Hardware Design, Firmware design, Prototype Development, HMI Miniature Design and Compliance.


Design Services

Key Component Identification: Much of the initial phase is spent on identifying the right fit of the key parts like CPU, peripherals like Modems, Wireless modules, Glue logic (FPGA, CPLD).

Schematics Design: The components selected are connected together in a hierarchical method and depending upon client requirement, the schematics are captured in tools such as Orcad, Altium, Kicad etc.

PCB Layout: The components are now moved to the physical domain where the components are placed and routed. We can offer various tools like Allegro, Kicad, Pads etc.

Prototype Board Bring-up: Our in-house prototype team manages the sourcing of parts and PCBs and the assembly of first few PCBAs. Complex parts like BGA, QFN are assembled at our partner facilities. After assembly, the board is tested in a systematic manner to ensure all parts are exercised and verified for expected operation. Key measurements at the hardware level in terms of power consumption, battery charging performance etc are recorded and verified against expected output.

Microcontroller, Analog, RF, FPGA

Platforms : Microchip PIC18/24/32, TI-Tiva, pSoC, ARM9, AM335x, 8051, AVR ...

Critical review process to minimize design spins to control time and costs

In-house prototyping team to handle sourcing and assembly

DFx : Design for Performance, cost, testability, manufacturability

Complexity: upto 16 layers, BGAs, High speed DDR, RF, SI and cross-talk

Technosphere’s Firmware team is experienced in both OS and non-OS implementation of Firmware in embedded controllers. With the multiple design wins in low level drivers and stacks, Technosphere is able to turnaround projects in a very short timeframe.

In many products, the embedded product needs to communicate to another system – a PC/Laptop/ Tablet/Phone for monitoring and control. This needs both communication protocols and also application on the host. The application can be realized using a web-server approach, where no coding is required on the host side, and the device can be monitored and controlled through a browser from anywhere in the world.

In some cases, custom applications in Android, .NET are required and Technosphere has tied up with competent partners to deliver the required application.

The firmware development follows a smooth flow:

High level design: In this stage, the requirement of the product is translated into flow diagrams and state diagrams.

Coding and unit testing: In this stage, the flow is implemented in code and verified for functionality at a unit level.

Integration testing: The various modules are integrated and tested in the target hardware for validating the desired functionality

Application development is required in many cases as add-on to the embedded solution. Technosphere, along with their preferred partners can provide solutions in Embedded Web-server, .NET, Android, IOS and other frameworks.

Firmware/Application Summary:

Non-OS, Linux, RTOS

IDE: Eclipse, MPLAB-X, CCS, GTK...

Device Drivers

Board Support Packages

Diagnostics Tools

Embedded Webserver, .NET, Android, IOS

Production testing

To the academic world, we will help students realize their ambition of becoming good engineers for the industry, in their final years of education.

We will provide the right tools, training and hands-on project to enable the students to be "industry-ready"