Enterprise IOT and Smart City Solutions


Industrial IOT

Industrial IOT (IIOT) is a key driver for higher productivity and quality for Industrial Automation. Technosphere helps various segments of Industry 4.0 in this aspect. Remote monitoring and alerting is crucial to track the health of the devices which work 24x7 and help take preventive and quick corrective action, through predictive maintenance.

Technosphere has delivered many smart factory solutions in Industrial Automation that includes Remote Monitoring Systems, Scada Interface, Display Systems and Motor Control.

Some of the IIOT applications in which we specialise include-

  • Machine Productivity Monitoring that can monitor and enhance production efficiency of Industrial machines, including' Legacy Machines'
  • Predictive Maintenance to reduce machine downtime/ idle time
  • Employee Safety Wearable for construction and mining sites
  • Industrial Asset Tracking and Lifecycle Monitoring
  • M2M applications that helps in monitoring the voltage, current, vibrations etc.
  • Monitoring indoor air quality
  • Monitoring and regulating of temperature
  • Ozone gas detection
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Vehicle Diagnostics


Smart Cities

Technosphere plays an instrumental role in the shaping of smart cities, by enabling advanced technologies, protocols and architecture of an urban IOT, and continuously enhancing the collection, aggregation, and use of data for a seamlessly connected society.


We provide innovative smart city IOT applications, some of which include:

  • Smart parking and transport management
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart waste and recycle management
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Water management


Smart Homes/Smart Buildings/Energy Management

Home Automation is the need of the hour in today’s fast life – helps in improving lifestyle, security and power-saving. With the wireless technologies maturing, the challenge of wiring is also substantially reduced.

Technosphere has provided gateway solutions and controllers, in home automation, and specialises in smart home/smart building applications, some of which include:

  •  Alarm systems in the event of smoke and fire, water leaks and   floods
  • Monitoring consumption of energy and water by gauging the  current, voltage, temperature and humidity  
  • Remote monitoring Systems for Solar/Hybrid Inverters
  • Remote monitoring / control of Solar pumps
  • Energy measurement and communication
  • Alerts through intruder detection system for safety and security


Smart Agriculture

To meet the incessant demand of a growing worldwide population, farmers and agricultural companies, are looking up to the IOT as a solution for their concerns, that would help them with detailed analytics and higher production capabilities. Some of the techniques include automatic irrigation during droughts, farming using connected drones, to optimize the use of fertilizers, monitoring soil health and plant protection from pests.

Technosphere provides innovative smart agriculture IOT applications, some of which include –

  • Enhancing farm quality by continuous monitoring of the soil, crops, airflow and water
  • Green House monitoring by assessing the soil temperature, soil moisture etc
  • Fertilizer ratio by measuring the humidity, moisture and temperature


Healthcare IOT

The Internet of Things is all set to transforming and improving the healthcare sector. IOT in healthcare has several benefits such as

  • Enables connected healthcare through remote patient monitoring thereby reducing costs
  • Encouraging real time disease management
  • Tracking of medical devices and inventory
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime of medical devices thus improving the outcome of treatment, and enhancing patient experience
  • Accurate data aggregation and automated workflow integration, help to minimize errors

Technology helps in providing timely healthcare and promotes corrective health care in terms of monitoring, imaging and equipment for invasive procedures. Technosphere has partnered in ambitious healthcare projects involving new dimensions of preventive and corrective health-care –

  • Exercising system
  • Infuser system
  • Sensor based health monitoring and reporting

Technosphere has several Healthcare IOT applications that could provide the above benefits for the Healthcare IOT sector, some of which include –

  • Monitoring the health of a sportsperson (ECG, Pulse etc.)
  • Remote patient  monitoring
  • Medical cold storage
  • Remote fall tracking


Retail IOT

Prime focus areas for Retail IOT include supply chain, connected consumer and smart-store applications. Real time inventory management using RFID tags and predictive maintenance of equipment helps in detecting critical issues and corrective actions are taken on time. With fleet management through GPS, retailers are able to track and locate their goods, thus helping in the logistics and supply chain.

Technosphere has several IOT applications that could provide the above benefits for the Retail IOT sector, some of which include –

  • Streamlining supply chain operations
  • Smart shopping functionality
  • Smart product life cycle management
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) payment features


Smart Water

IOT can substantially help in effective smart water monitoring and management, thus improving the lives of billions of people around the globe. Some of the IOT applications in smart water management include, monitoring the water quality by keeping a check on the acidic and contamination levels, monitoring and limiting loss of water through water leakages, increasing water harvesting and implementing smart data driven irrigation during droughts.

Technosphere has several smart water IOT applications that could provide the above benefits, some of which include –

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water leak detection
  • Monitoring the level of water in water bodies
  • Chemical leakage detection in water bodies


Smart Meter

Smart meter enables new capabilities and helps in building a greener environment across the globe. Some of the advantages of incorporating a smart meter include –

  • Helps customers better manage their electricity costs through real time monitoring
  • Precise details of the consumption pattern
  • Facilitates better energy management
  • Facilities the use of electric vehicles thus helping build a greener world

Technosphere has several IOT applications in smart meters that could provide the above benefits, some of which include –

  • Remote tank level monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and control of photovoltaic system
  • Remote water flow monitoring
  • Smart Grid


Smart Logistics

The IOT Revolution is having a profound effect on logistics and has changed the way in which the companies operate in fulfilling their logistical requirements. IOT based asset tracking using long range networks, or Low power wide area networks (LPWANs) help companies accurately track their inventory during transportation. Fleet management using GPS and other technologies help in gathering real time data, about the vehicle location and condition. Data provided by Bluetooth tags and beacons, is useful in small spaces and retailers use this insightful data to track customer flow and promotional offers.

Technosphere has several IOT applications in smart logistics that could provide the above benefits, some of which include –

  • Monitoring Shipment conditions
  • Tracking of items
  • Storage compatibility
  • Fleet tracking


Consumer and Gaming

Consumer Electronics requires high level of innovation to bring in products which are small in size, low on power, reliable and user-friendly. Technosphere has worked on several projects involving gaming and other consumer products which help in removing “pains” in day-to-day life. Projects executed include:

  • Wireless Remote control
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Scoring machines

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