Technosphere becomes a LoRa Design Partner for Semtech Corporation

We are pleased to announce that Technosphere is recognized by Semtech Corporation as a Design Partner.

Semtech Corporation is the creator of LoRa, a Long Range Low Power RF technology. With this partnership, Technosphere is poised to offer advanced and competitive solutions in LoRa based implementations.

With our experience in LoRa devices, RF Technology and Sensors, we help our customers to streamline time-to-deployment of IOT Solutions. Our diverse LoRa based IOT applications across different verticals helps in accelerating product designs and initiate faster go to market.

Technosphere has implemented multiple projects with LoRa technology, some of which include:

  • Employee safety wearable to ensure worker safety in an Industrial environment
  • Smart Agriculture based water and soil monitoring solutions, to enable water conservation and enhance soil quality
  • Smart-City applications such as Environmental monitoring, smart street lighting remote management system for energy conservation and reduction of operational costs

As a Semtech LoRa Design Partner, Technosphere looks forward to help you build IOT solutions with long range, low power capabilities with LoRa technology’s flexible and scalable capabilities, in regional, national or global networks. 

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