Technosphere: Accelerating IoT Deployment via 6LOWPAN Based Hardware Solutions

Although the semiconductor industry seems to drive its growth through the explosion of mobile devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, Ultramobiles and Wearables, the industry considers Internet of Things (IoT) to be one of the biggest growth drivers in the future.

Keeping this in foresight, Technosphere Labs, an IoT product and Solution design firm headquartered out of Bangalore, helps clients build Digital Products with multiple sensors, embedded firmware and hardware and communication capabilities to connect to the cloud. 
Once the client’s requirements are clearly stated, Technosphere diligently goes through various stages such as, Hardware Design, Firmware/Software Development, Detailed testing, product certification and deliver Production Folder for the clients to enable them to take up high volume manufacturing. 

With the motto of Sense >Process >Output >Communicate deeply ingrained, Technosphere creates Smart-Devices which can take data from various types of sensors that can be displayed on the local display and activate actuators/motors. Furthermore, this data can be sent over different forms of both wired and unwired forms of communication like Ethernet, RS485, Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, GPRS/3G, Zigbee / 6LOWPAN to name a few. Leveraging its years of experience in core technologies like Sensors, Controllers and Communication, Technosphere not only caters to the Health-care, Consumer, Gaming and Industrial verticals but also adapts to suit the comfort levels of the green-field arena. Quite nimble as it weaves its way through innovation, Technosphere helps clients realize their product with desired specifications of cost, power, testing, Certification and Manufacturability.

Technosphere’s ability to provide the Industrial Remote Monitoring Solution, using low-cost Microcontrollers while providing reliable 24x7 operations stands testimony to the company’s efficacy. Industrial Remote Monitoring Solution captures instrument data from CANBUS and stores it for future reference. The solution further interfaces over Modbus to a SCADA system, thereby monitoring critical factors and generating timely alerts. “We are recognized and appreciated for our ability to push the limits and achieve maximum performance at exceptional price point,” says Bhaskar Rao, Founder and CEO. 

Additionally, the company proffers Solutions Accelerator to facilitate rapid deployment of IoT solutions. The solution consists of 6LOWPAN based hardware solution that helps in creating a low-power IPv6 based Local Area Sensor Network. Coupled with the Edge Router, the Sensor Network can be connected to a remote Server so that the SmartDevice can be monitored and controlled remotely and securely. Moreover, Technosphere provides a quick deployment of 6LOWPAN solutions using ready-to-use hardware, so as to enable clients to quickly complete their PoC and Prototyping cycle. 

Technosphere, the Design Partner for Microchip, treads surefooted on its road to success by helping clients realize innovative solutions leveraging core sensor, semiconductor, analytics and cloud technologies. Intending to be the vendor who enables data transfer from SmartDevices to SmartEnterprise so as to provide Big Data storage, Analytics and Workflow systems, Technosphere has partnered with some of the world’s best IoT cloud solution providers. “We will continue to help integrate the Physical world with the Digital world through innovative smart – connected devices and smart industry processes,” concludes Shaun Mitra, Chief Business Officer. 





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