Bluetooth: Technology for a Smarter Life (Part 1)

Bluetooth is a short range wireless form of communication in an ad hoc network. The core idea behind implementing Bluetooth technology was to remove any kind of dependency between base-station and router for data transmission between nearby devices. Bluetooth technology provides a specific range environment where each device can connect and transfer data to other devices, in vicinity.

In today’s time - constrained environment, we prefer information to be on our finger tips which Bluetooth, fulfils efficiently. Electronic devices equipped with sensors and Bluetooth SOC, can be controlled with personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Listed below are some amazingly vital applications of Bluetooth technology:


Placing hundreds of Bluetooth beacons around airports can simplify the traveller journey. Beacons provide wide variety of functions like wayfind and distance measuring to the gate using indoor mapping, flight information, baggage collection, shopping promotions, advertising etc. Airport authorities too can implement Bluetooth beacons for speeding up and accurately tracking their security processes. Staff management can also be enhanced by using Bluetooth enabled smart watches. Globally various airports have implemented this technology which in turn has helped in providing value added customer service and significantly increased airport revenues. Similar applications can also be effectively implemented for metro, railway and bus stations to improve passenger experience.


Rented cars and bikes equipped with Bluetooth smart locks, can help you navigate your way to your rented vehicle. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based applications can help you to locate your vehicle effortlessly in the parking lot. In addition it also enables you to unlock your car using the cryptographic keys provided by the host during booking.

Hotel rooms enabled with Bluetooth smart locks technology helps in improvising the in house guest experience in the hospitality sector. Guests with pre-booked hotel rooms can avail automatic room check- ins using Bluetooth based application installed in their smart phones.


Bluetooth transducers can be integrated with generic home based devices like AC, Bulb, Flower port, Water bottle, Shower, Floor cleaner robot, Dustbin etc. These Bluetooth enabled smart home devices can be easily controlled by authorized family members or guest phones. Based on user requirement, these smart appliances communicate and send notifications/alerts to the user phone. 


BLE signals can also be implemented for indoor mapping of multi-storage car-parking building. The self-driving automated car can save and make use of this indoor map for self car parking without human driver assistance. Low power beacons located throughout the multi-storage car parking lot helps the car to navigate within the building premises and provides helpful information about available parking slots. (parking slot number, floor number, distance and pathway).


Bluetooth technology has transformed the ‘Iron man helmet idea’ – from concept to reality! Helmets equipped with Bluetooth SOC can be used as a normal Bluetooth headset. Various profiles like A2DP, AVRCP, AUTOPAIRING, HFP etc can be developed over Bluetooth classic and services like Alert notification, Bike status, Battery Services etc can be developed over BLE. Similar SOCs can be simultaneously implemented in both the modes - Classic and LE . Multiple helmets too, can be connected to each other using walky-talky profile. Integration of HUD to helmet enables visual notifications in helmet environment. In order to safeguard and encourage driver safety, all Bluetooth functionality can be controlled over voice commands.


BLE enabled watches, shirts, shoes and other similar wearable can help you keep track of your daily activities. Insightful data about your daily exercise, walk, run, sweat, and sleep is gathered and communicated to your smart phone application. Thus Bluetooth technology motivates the user to follow a healthy lifestyle by helping them plan and achieve their workout goals periodically.


One of the limitations of using BLE beacons is that it can be accessed by the user only when they are within the limits of the beacons access range. This limitation is overcome by using drones equipped with BLE. So, next time, in the event of any courier carrying drone passing by you, do enable the Bluetooth in your smartphone.  It might possibly give you some hot offers for the upcoming clothing sale!

Hope this blog has enlightened you with interesting information of some basic applications of Bluetooth. To sum it up - Bluetooth is indeed an intelligent technological key to include smartness in anything and everything in your surrounding!

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This blog has been written by Mr. Harish Kumar Singh, Hardware and Software Engineer, Technosphere.

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