Our Expertise

Technosphere provides product design and engineering services and end to end IOT solutions. We help build smart IOT products and IOT solutions for various industries, with multiple sensors and embedded design technologies. Our focus areas are Industrial IOT solutions, smart city solutions, enterprise IOT solutions, wearable design, wireless communication technologies and connected IOT devices.

At each stage of product design and development, the key requirements are validated – Performance, Power, Area, Cost, Availability and the ability to manufacture. Detailed reviews are carried out before moving to the next stage.

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What we do

Broad spectrum of product design and engineering services, from concept to product, that include - IOT product design services, product feasibility study, product design and development, quality assurance and compliance, product manufacturing & support and product sustenance.

We are a Microchip Design and Training Partner and also recognized by Semtech Corporation as a LoRa Design Partner.


Engineering Services

Embedded Design - Helps convert your product ideas into a unique implementation.

Concurrent Engineering - Using development boards and time tested stacks, we develop firmware to a good level, while hardware is being prepared.

Bill of Materials (BOM) - Includes an elaborate list of parts, assemblies, components and quantities needed for the design of a product.

Technical Feasibility Study - Helps you assess all aspects of the technology to be used and estimates the technical requirements of the project.

Hardware Design (Board, FPGA) - At each stage, the key requirements are validated – Performance, Power, Area, Cost, Availability, Manufacturability. Detailed reviews are carried out before moving to the next stage.

BSP/Device Drivers - Seamless integration of board support package (BSP) to implement specific support codes for a specific device, which acts as an interface to the device drivers.

Embedded Software, Firmware Development - Enables to control the functions of various hardware devices.

System Integration - Systematic aggregation of all the component sub systems into one common system and ensuring that they function together as one.

Enclosure Design - Experienced and well trained staff to provide customized and aesthetic enclosures.

Prototyping - Rapid prototyping services for quick proof of concept.

Product Testing - Seamless product testing for unmatched product design quality.

Interoperability Testing - Technical compatibility of the product to interoperate between devices efficiently.

Compliance & Certification Support - Compliance of the product with technical standards and ensuring appropriate certifications.

Collaboration with Suppliers/OEMs - Strong network of suppliers and OEMs, provide cost effective solutions, to remain competitive.

Test Automation Support - Enables efficient and continuous testing , that in turn helps in enhancement of product quality.

Technical Support - Effective and efficient technical support services through intelligent product sustenance engineering solutions.

EOL Sustenance - End of life product sustenance to provide and augment the value of the product design.

Cost Optimization - Holistic approach towards cost optimization across the product design life cycle.

Localization - Utilizing electronic components that can be reused for smooth upgrades and scalability.

Re-engineering - Ensuring smart product designs that can be enhanced with time and prevent it from becoming obsolete.

Green Compliance - Environmental compliance through sustainable components and materials, adhering to the innovative green designs for end to end product design and development.