WhizBlox - Sensor Integration Hub


About WhizBlox - Microcontroller based 100% configurable IOT Sensor Hub

WhizBlox is a smart, multi- sensor, multi-protocol IOT hub that seamlessly integrates more than 100 types of sensors, for quick deployment of vertical IOT solutions. WhizBlox enables rapid end to end Proof-of-Concept of IOT Solutions. 

WhizBlox IOT Hub, helps to deploy end to end IOT Pilots in just 4-6 weeks!

WhizBlox empowers your business with the following advantages –

  • Rapid Prototyping, quick proof of concept (POC) 
  • Operations Optimization
  • Quick and easy deployment through plug and play techniques
  • Intelligent cloud data analytics


WhizBlox Modular Architecture

  • Readily Configurable Hardware Blocks to build IOT Gateways and Nodes
  • Ready to Integrate Shields provide custom interfaces for sensors. Standard interface supports wide range of available Arduino shields.
  • Smart Carrier Boards optimize critical housekeeping functions and Network Processing Modules enable custom design and development
  • Multi platform support with intelligent drivers for multiple interfaces, multiple drivers for many interfaces like LCDs, OLEDs, Motors, Touchscreens and Sensors. Wide ranging support for many platforms - bare-metal, RTOS  and embedded Linux platforms
  • IP54 and IP67 Enclosures to safeguard against dust and water


WhizBlox Key Features

  • Smart Carrier Boards optimize critical housekeeping functions like power management, battery monitoring and storage
  • Multiple Connectivity Options across RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB, CAN
  • Ready to Integrate Smart Shields provide custom interfaces for sensors. Standard interface supports wide range of available Arduino shields.
  • Smart Network Processing Modules (NPMs) for custom design, consisting of processor and connectivity hardware that  supports  WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee, MiWi, GSM/GPRS and 6LOWPAN and built on ARM and PIC microcontrollers.
  • Intelligent IOT Connectivity across multiple interfaces such as LCDs, OLEDs, Motors, Touchscreens and Sensors
  • Multi platform support across Bare-metal, Real time operating system (RTOS)  and Embedded Linux platforms

Enterprise IOT and Smart City Solutions

WhizBlox offers quick proof of concept (POC), rapid prototyping and quick and easy deployment across various IOT applications, such as 

Smart Home/Building 

  • Intruder detection system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Monitoring consumption of energy and water
  • Alarm systems


  • Monitoring shipment conditions
  • Item Tracker
  • Storage compatibility
  • Fleet/Vehicle tracking

Smart Water  

  • Water level monitoring
  • Clean water monitoring
  • Water leak detection and alerts
  • Overflowing of rivers
  • Chemical leakage detection in water bodies

Retail IOT 

  • Supply chain operations
  • Smart shopping functionality
  • Smart product lifecycle management
  • NFC payment feature

Smart Agriculture 

  • Farm quality enhancement
  • Green house monitoring
  • Golf club system monitoring
  • Fertilizer tracking

Smart City 

  • Smart parking and transport management
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart waste and recycling
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Water management

Smart Metering 

  • Remote tank level monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and control of photo voltaic system
  • Remote water flow monitoring
  • Smart Grid

Safety and Security

  • Perimeter detection and security
  • Perilous Gases
  • Radiation Detection
  • Liquid detection

Industrial IOT 

  • Machine to machine communications
  • Machine productivity monitoring, across all factory line machines, including 'Legacy Machines'
  • Predictive Maintenance to reduce machine downtime/idle time
  • Asset tracking and lifecycle monitoring
  • Employee safety wearable

Healthcare IOT 

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Sportsman healthcare monitoring
  • Remote fall tracking
  • Medical cold storage



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